Edale via Kinder Edge

Friday, 10 April 2009

This trip was my first to Edale since going with school many many years ago. We went with friends of ours, so Matt had a friend his own age to moan to about the lack of X box!!

We had planed this trip for some time and when it came round the weather couldn't have been worse, torrential rain from setting off to arrival at the campsite. Rivers of rain water ran down the side of the roads and we wondered if this weekend was in fact a good idea.

Two weeks rain were expected in 24 hours over the weekend and we were camping, were we mad !!! We stayed at Upper Booth campsite in Edale and as usual popped up the tent and then helped our 'olden days' campers with thier tent : )

Upper Booth camp site. - The famous pop up tent on the left and our friend's tent.

We settled in for the night with rain beating down but with beer, tinned food and a good chat that didn't matter and a good nights sleep was had by all.

After breakfast and complaining from the lads because thay had to do the washing up, we got ready for the day's walk. Rain gone, blimey that was a surprise, and the clouds lifted from the hills around us letting us see where we were going.

Starting out, just before going up grindslow Knoll - Looking back across to Rushup Edge over the valley.

The fact that the rain stopped on the morning of the walk was miraculous enough, but then the sun came out and the layers came off. Couldn't believe how warm it got after the torrential rain we had the day before.

Half way up the Knoll, layers off !!!- On top of Groundslow Knoll, lunch done and ready to move off again.
As we had two teenagers with us we had to stop at this point for food!!! At least we had some great views to look at whilst trying to fill up those two.

Quick photo oportunity after lunch looking over the valley, Matt looking as excited as ever!!

After lunch we headed round the edge of Edale Moor to where Grinds Brook runs down the hill. There were many wind sculpted rocks along the route dotted amongst the Derbyshire peat. The most unusual one thus far was the mushroom we came across.

The path round the edge to the outflow of Grinds Brook - A mushroom rock, probably has a proper name !!

The lads walking along and in the Brook - looking over the edge towards Hollins Cross and Loose Hill.
Whilst Ian and myself stuck to the path, the lads descended into the brook and where the path crosses the brook we were amazed that neither of them had got wet feet ! More great views as we headed round the edge over the Edale valley showing the state of the edge path.
The water which ran off the moor was stained brown from the peat, as was the water we filled our bottles up with at the camp site, BIG mistake !!! Not only did it look funny, it tasted funny and had rather funny after-effects for the next week!
Take your own water at this camp site.
Ian checking the sat nav whilst we look down the brook to Grindslow Knoll.
We headed along the paved path round the moor edge past Upper Tor, Nether Tor and on to Ringing Rodger. Along the way we past more of the wind shaped rock formations and an outcrop, (not sure which one), where there was a rock which from the right angle seemed to float above the valley below. A good but popular photo opportunity which, being tourists, we took advantage of like many before us.

Great rock formations we came across on the route back and he classic photo shot over the Vale of Edale.
We started the route down from The Nab along the zig zag path which descended via the ranger station and across the bridge over the outflow of Grinds Brook. Edale was only a short walk away now and we reached 'the finish' at the Nags Head pub.

The weather starts to come across the moor edge as we descend - looking back to Grindslow Knoll.

We started the weekend with torrential rain which stopped in the morning and let the sun come out. I didn't think we could complain when, as we descended, the clouds started to appear over the moor edge at, I think, Nether Tor. However by this point I was sunburnt, yes I did say sunburnt, and we went to the pub for refreshments.

Would you believe it wasn't the finish but dont tell the lads !! - Looking back around the whole walk.

After a quick pint we headed off along a paved path back to Upper Booth campsite, (remember the water warning !) where we showered and headed back into Edale for tea.
A few pints later we started reminiscing about how I used to fill my motorbike up for 50p and Matthew thought Zorbing took place on flat hills!!! A classic teenage moment of opening mouth before engaging brain.
Complaining along the way forgotten and bellies full we headed of back to our tents and bed. By the way, Matt is never to have rhubarb crumble mixed with fish and chips again as he filled the tent up with a very strange smell, or is that just teenagers !!!